Infant Massage

Infant Massage Private Tutoring

Infant massage is education and play for parents, grandparents and caregivers.  But most importantly it provides a safe quality time in which babies can release tension, learn to trust and express their needs.
IMG_1665  Learn how to:                                             IMG_1670
– improve bonding and communication
– help your baby sleep longer and deeper
– relieve colic/gas/constipation
– stimulate growth and development
– strengthen the immune system
– reduce your stress, empower yourself

Massage is a tool empowering parents to do something that is of great benefit to their child.  Increase your self confidence as a parent and become more receptive to your baby signals.  All in all it’s a perfect way for you and your baby to relax together after a long stressful day.
private tutoring 60 minutes – 75.00 $
invite another mother and split the hourly cost

To make an appointment or more info call
Art of Touch 510-439-8992

for more info please watch Tina Allen’s infant massage video: