About Me

Karin Wieland was born in Germany, where she studied holistic medicine, Homeopathy and Massage therapy at the Samuel Hahnemann School in Berlin. She had her own private naturopath and massage practice and  offered her services to guests at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski Spa in Berlin.  After moving to California in 2002 she lived and worked at Harbin Hot Springs where she continued her training and became a Certified Massage Therapist as well as a Medical Massage Therapist in California.

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In 2006 she moved to the San Fransisco Bay Area  and established ‘ Art of Touch’ in El Cerrito and surrounding where she offers massage for adults and kids. She is a certified Pediatric Massage Therapist through the Liddle Kidz Foundation. Together with the nonprofit organization Buds to Blossoms she is traveling to Cambodia, Vietnam giving gentle nurturing massage to orphans with HIV and disabilities.

She is deeply dedicated to helping people, and uses her intuition and daily meditation practice ( through her native American teacher Henry Adams) to guide her clients through  any challenges.
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