Vietnam Trip 2017

Vietnam 2017 with Buds to Blossoms

This year i am meeting the group in January short after the New Year, it is a beautiful scenery in  Ho Chi Minh City, as Vietnamese celebrating the Chinese New Year and everybody decorates with yellow  and pink flowers.
We are a group full of women,from all over the globe, happy to be there.
No matter what we are going through from adjusting to the foreign bacteria in our stomachs or fighting heavy Ho Chi Minh traffic and smog we are very dedicated to do our best for the kids.It is beautiful to see what people can achieve when they come together for a good cause.  It’s my second time  in Vietnam and i am familiar with the streets and places we will go.P1110396
Surprisingly the kids haven’t changed much, you would think the grow in the 2 years, i haven’t seen them. But HIV has a tremendous effect on the developing of a child. They for sure don’t lack on energy, even with all the secondary infections they are often getting. They thrive, because they  are as much as possible in a safe and loving environment.  Usually they come together during the day in a “safe house”, where they get lunch and education and in the evening they go home to friends or relatives, or they are full time orphans and live in an orphanage, which are usually run by Christian missionaries. Live is very simple here, the kids don’t have smart phones or computers. They draw, read, play music or play games with each other.
Somehow this feels normal.P1110542
The days are long as we are fighting heavy smoky traffic and i am looking forward to a swim in the evening or a dinner with the group.
It is nice to see how much massage became a part of their lives even when we are not here. The trust grew over the years and the caregivers peak in as well and receive some relaxing time.  There is a new recycling project the community is part of, it’s called “soap for hope” and it provides a small stream of income for the community.
I always learn so much about humble and simple living here and the work with the kids fills my heart with joy and happiness. A priceless gift !

with much gratitude