"My joy is to do good for others" says Karin a certified therapeutic as well as medical massage therapist, originally from Germany, where she worked with holistic medicine, Homeopathy and Massage in Berlin.

I made my kin-esthetic gift my profession, listening to others through touch is like second nature to me. Many times in our lives we lack the personal touch that massage offers. My work allows me to share my gifts with others in a deep and meaningful way. Every massage is different, tailored to each client's needs. She works fully in the present moment. Her daily meditation practice helps her with that.

Karin is a pediatric massage therapist and offers a massage combination for parents and their kids, starting age 6, to get a relaxing massage together.

Karin massaged people from all over the world and collected many valuable experiences.

She draws from a wealth of expertise in Shiatsu, Swedish massage, Deep Tissue, Cranio sacral, Reflexology, Energy Work, Pre/Post-natal massage.

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I've been getting massages from Karin for over 5 years. I keep returning because I feel so nurtured after each and every session with her! Karin listens really well when I describe my needs and is highly intuitive as a massage therapist. She always seems to know exactly where to focus her attention and what will provide the most relief. I think her training in Germany also included homeopathy and other natural healing techniques, so she brings quite a wealth of understanding about the body to her work. Finally, and most importantly, Karin is a very compassionate and well-balanced person. There's never any drama or distractions; she's calm and non-judging; and always seems to offer a kind word and a wise thought. She's a wonderful person to be around.

Dee H. ~ Yelp

Rest your weary meat and bones on Karin's heated massage table and give in to her ridiculously powerful and deep-working hands. You will crave the shiatsu, the soft music, the therapeutic hot stones, softly aromatic oils, and the deep release you will feel from Karin's intuitive, unerring knowledge of your neck, your back, your hips and your knees. Just wonderful. Karin has the magic, the power and the art of touch! I, too, am a long term client.

Diane D. ~ Yelp

Karin is truly amazing at making my body, mind and spirit feel better. She combines different methodologies to give a thorough, deep, and complete experience. She cares about her clients and gives them the best possible treatment. I often take her cards and pass them on to friends and I know that I am doing them a favor!

Amy B. ~ Yelp

I'm getting massages from Karin about once a months for the last 5 years and can honesty say that she is the best body worker I ever had. She applies a variety of massage techniques suited to my particular needs at each appointment, from really deep work when muscles are tight to a lighter touch when called for. She also uses a form of hot stone treatment that really works wonders on my back. Karin has a very intuitive way to sense what areas need attention. In addition to healing the body her insights also help to calm and heal the spirit. Her treatment room is very peaceful and quiet and set up to help you relax as soon as you enter. She plays gentle music during the treatment and each time I leave it feels like I have had a mini-vacation.

Travis M ~ Yelp