Diagnosis, Benefits and Research

This side can show the possible benefits massage can  provide for a child with a specific health condition.

– may help calm, sooth, relax and decrease anxiety
– may help with focus, hyperactivity and daydreaming
– may decrease aggressive behavior
– may reduce anxiety and stressP1020027
– reduces hospitalizations
– may decrease anxiety and stress hormones
– improves peak air flow and pulmonary function
– may helps wit relaxation, sleep, body awareness
– helps a  child to adapt to tactile stimulationP1020199
– may help with social behavior
Cerebral Palsy:
– reduces spasticity
– increases muscle flexibility and motor function
– may encourage more positive social interaction
Cystic Fibrosis:
– helps with relaxation
– reduces cortisol and norepinephrine (stress hormones)
– may increases lung capacity, may improve peak air flow readings
– may improve sleep, helps with appetite, reduces tension            P1020417
– decrease anxiety, depression, emotional release
– release of serotonin, which makes us feel good
– increase of natural killer cells
– helps with stress, tension, anxiety, emotional release
– helps with stress, anxiety, tension, depression, fidgeting
– may helps to decrease blood glucose levels
Down Syndrom:
–  may help with digestive issues
– may improve muscle tone, may helps with motor functioning
– may help with tension,pain management, anxiety, depression
Hearing Loss:
– may improve communication and language skills,                          P1020407
– may helps with stress, tension, anxiety, depression
– helps to develop awareness of the entire body
– may increase weight gain
– may improves immune system, increases natural killer cells
– decreases anxiety and depression
Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis:
– helps with pain management
– decreases anxiety and cortisol levels
Muscular Dystrophy:
– may helps to reduce spasticity
– may help to improve muscle tonicity
Pediatric GERD:
– may helps to balance digestive systems and function                 P1020274
– helps with relaxation and pain relief
“Sport” injuries:
– relaxes tense muscles, helps reduce scar build up
– helps with pain management, reduces swelling and stress
– increases  blood and lymph flow
– increases blood flow, relaxes tense muscle
– helps with anxiety and stress release
Terminal Illness, Palliative Care, Hospice Care:
– helps with anxiety and depression
– may help to improve sleep, digestion
– may help with pain management
– may improve feeling of isolation                                                        DSC00121
– may improve body image
Visual Impairments:
– helps with body awareness
– decreases anxiety, stress, tension

for Research please visit following websites:
American Academy of Pediatrics
Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research
Touch Research Institute Miami
Tina Allen “Liddle Kidz” Foundation